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Contemporary Art

A première vue

As part of the event organised the Paris Beaux-Arts, the Galerie Arcanes is glad to entrust her display window to Max Coulon, sculptor


From 19 May to 30 June, an exhibition as spontaneous as it is improvised, bringing together five talented artists whose inventiveness, finesse and know-how no longer need to be demonstrated

Invitation au voyage

As part of the event organised by Jeudi des Beaux-Arts, the Galerie Arcanes offers you an escapade in Latin America to meet the Brazilian artist Annita Romano

En ce moment, à la Galerie Arcanes...

70’s Summertime

 The Arcane Gallery takes a summer break from July 31 to September 1

In the mean time, we propose to revisit the 1970s with a selection of luminaires, furniture and work of art, imagined and drawn by great designers of the 20th century to brighten your interior and fulfil your aesthetic desires !


“Tizio-Caio-Sempronio”, screen-printed lamp and vase.
Circa 1967


« Combi-center » unit
Circa 1963


Kinetic lamp, nickel-plated metal
Circa 1970


Modular sofa “Positiv”, brown leather
Circa 1970

Albano POLI

Sculptural table lamp, glass
Circa 1970


Coffee table, brushed metallic structure
Circa 1970

Studio A.R.D.I.T.I et Gianni GAMBERINI pour SORMANI

“BT2” Table Lamp, luminous magnetize studs
Circa 1971


Pair of sculptural lamps, “Radar” model, pewter
Circa 1970

Our Selection

Louis Lourioux

Stoneware lamp, vegetal decoration, circa 1910

Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret

Armchairs “LC1” model, black leather, circa 1930-1940

Jacques Owczarek

Zoo, bronze sculptures, circa 2013

Travail français 

Massive tinted oak bookcase, circa 1950

Annita Romano

Atlantico, Hand-embroidery, 2019

François Turpin

Rocking chair, beige fabric and steel structure, circa 1925

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In the very heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the Galerie Arcanes presents creations by the greatest decorators of the 20th century and exhibits the finest works by contemporary artists highlighted within “Art Deco” or modern atmospheres, breaking boundaries between genres and periods in search of a fruitful dialogue