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Bastien Carré (born in 1975)

Bastien Carré works with light since his studies in the art school Olivier de Serres in Paris where he experiments with different lighting sources and the emotions they generate. At first designing ‘ambiance furniture’, he rapidly takes interest in the stellar glow of LEDs, powered by a harmless electric current, seeing in it an untapped artistic potential. The creator combines his scientific ad artistic skills to turn an electrical circuit into a piece of art. Led instantly becomes his favourite medium, playing with it as one would with raw material by combining it with wires, aluminium, Plexiglass, or any other material that allows him to explore the world of light. His talent takes shape as suspended forms, sculptures and paintings, aerial structures, full of poetry and grace.
His creations being unprecedented, Bastien Carré decides to give them the name of ‘lumigraphies’ and initiates a new art movement getting in touch with artists from all around the world that, like him, express themselves through the use of light. Ten years after his first try, Bastien Carré is now a master in the form of art he created. His work has been consecrated by the press and export itself worldwide.
His ‘lumigraphies’ are today praised by both the public and art professionals such as Ingo Mauer, who sees in him a future great actor in the world of light.

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Bastien Carré / Roland Daraspe

Galerie Arcanes, 11 rue de Lille 75007 Paris