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Jeanne Bonnefoy-Mercuriali (born in 1980)

Jeanne Bonnefoy-Mercuriali is a ceramist, graduated from the National School of Applied Arts and Art Professions of Paris (Olivier de Serres). She is a former apprentice of Michel Lorenzi, Maître d’Art in moulding.
She works both clay and plaster, using the coiling technique or moulds to build up her ceramics, as well as enamels or a patina for finishes. Her creations, between art and craftsmanship, are impregnated by her numerous research travels, first among Yemeni potters, then in Palestine, drawing her inspiration from antique pieces she restored at the French Biblical and Archaeological School of Jerusalem, and finally at the side of traditional potters in the city of Hebron. The ‘Jeux d’Anses’ series is the direct fruit of her trip to Palestine.
Jeanne Bonnefoy-Mercuriali now lives in the Sultanate of Oman, where she keeps on building up her pieces with the coiling technique she loves as it imposes a slow and steady rhythm.

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